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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 17, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> the body of missing hiker has been found on mount tam not far from where another woman body was discovered on saturday. good evening everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. dan ashley has the night off. authorities believe the body found is 50-year-old marie center missing since last nigh night. this is the second body found in less than a week on mount tam. lillian is live in marin county with the latest for us. lillian? >>reporter: carolyn, we are across the street from the mountain home in mill valley parking lot where the missing hiker parked her car. authorities say a body believed to be hers was found about half mail from here. investigators say 50-year-old marie center of mill valley an experienced hik hiker on mount tamalpiais. her body matching her description
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was found this afternoon on this area near the trail. she was hiking with a male friend on wednesday. but left to go to the car as getting dark. >> she may have possibly fallen maybe 40 to 50 feet down that the drainage. >>reporter: the coroner will determine the cause of death and perhaps whether foul play was involved. but investigators say at this point there appears to be no evidence of anything suspicious and they say there appears to be no connection to the case of another missing hiker found saturday. search rescue teams found the body of 33-year-old the person of menlo park half mile from where they made today discovery. >> right now we haven't identified anything criminal in either one of these cases that would associate one with the other. >>reporter: but not everyone is convinced. people who regularly ride and hike on mount tam can't help but wonder. >> riding up here for years and 2 people missing in less than a week is very strange. >> if they find one more thin
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will definitely think it's weird. yes. yes. >>reporter: investigators hope to have more answers soon but until then, they say making the link would be pure speculation. on mount tam lillian kim abc 7 news. >> new at 11:00 another bart train has derailed. it happened on the side track near the north concord station. workers were inspecting the bottom of the car as you can see here. trying to figure out what caused the train to come off the tracks. this is live picture from the scene and as you can see they have brought in a piece of equipment to lift the car back on to the tracks. bart is not reporting any delay or also not saying if the commute will be affected. 7 news has called in to bart but so far they have not responded. >> 10 month old girl is in the hospital tonight so severely abused doctors say she likely won't survive. police say this man, the child's foster father is to blame. lisa is live at children's hospital oakland with this developing story for us. lisa. >>reporter: the little girl
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has been here at children hospital for some time. currently in a coma and as you mention she's not expected to survive and it is because police say it's because of this man about paul the little girl foster parent. he was arrested today in belmont after being on the run since march 30 when police in stockton first got involved. they responded to medical call at paul's home on east cleveland avenue and found the baby girl with major injuries quickly determined she was physically abused. she was air-lifted to oakland for treatment since then stockton police have been looking for the man. he turned up in belmont where he apparently has family. belmont police arrested him and turned him over to stockton authorities. back live paul is currently in the san joaquin county jail held for felony child abuse causing significant injuries. live in oakland tonight, lisa, abc 7 news. >> thank you lisa. >> breaking news from mount everest. 6 guys are dead and 9
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people missing following an avalanche happened just below base camp 2. rescuers fellow climbers searching for the missing climbers right now. >> santa clara county prosecutors now must decide if a father will face charges after the baby died inside a parked car. san jose police say the man forgot to drop the 9 month old off with a relativ relative. father parked the car outside his boss's home on payne avenue. he found the chilled when he returned from his job loading vending machines. >> he's a very, very loving father and his wife and new baby they got really excited about. >> temperature inside an automobile can rise very dramatically within 10 minutes temperatures can rise over 20 degrees even on a cool day in the 60's. >>reporter: experts say tragedy like this one can be avoided. new high tech devices on the market to remind parents to check the back seat and low tech tools work well too. just leaving your cell phone or purse near your child car seat
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will remind to you check the back seat every time you park. >> st we are now hearing the first plea for help just moments after a fedex truck collided head on with a tour bus. 10 people including 5 high school students died in or land on thursday. officials released 911 calls released from the scene. >> 911 emergency what are you reporting. >> yes. i need to report an accident between a semi and tour bus. we have massive fir fire. we have all kinds of students out here on the highway right now. >>reporter: the highway patrol conducted a series of tests on i-5 today using both the tour bus and fedex truck to try to learn how and why this crash happened. >> san leandro teacher charged with having a sexual relationship with a student. leon is teacher and coach at the high school there. 27-year-old turned himself in to the police department today charged with two felonies. >> new at 11:00 special task force gave its final
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recommendations tonight on how to fight racial discrimination at san jose state. university called for an independent panel after an african american student said he was harassed by his white roommates. some of the ideas include increasing the number of rest didn't advisor and requiring diversity training for all staff. >> san jose independent police auditor office released annual report
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people to get rid of all the stuff that isn't adding value to their life. it's a message gaining momentum. joshua and ryan now traveling to 100 city across the country to promote
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the fourth book. 1400 people rsv p for this visit in the haight ash bury neighborhood. filling book store with people interested in pairing down their lives. >> my sister saw them in texas. you have to do this. doesn't really matter how much stuff you have. it's the passion in how you live your life. so i thought it was profound. >>reporter: joshua discovered minimalism in two,000 8 when her mother died. that same month his marriage ended. >> i sort of looked around at what was my life focus and realize that i didn't know what was important any more. >>reporter: so he started to purge. >> i spent eight months pairing down my life. shedding 80 percent. 90 percent of my material possessions. i started to feel freer and happier and lighter. >>reporter: ryan saw the difference and paired down his life. he packed everything in the apartment into boxes and only took things out as he needed them. >> difficult this for 21 days. and at the end of the
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experiment i had 80 percent of my stuff still packed in boxes. >>reporter: what he didn't need, he sold, or gave away. the 2 men started bloging their experiences at the they were blown away by the response. >> 52 readers turned into 500. 500 became 5000 and last year we had more than two million people that visited the web site. >>reporter: jesse is one of them. he's a minimalist. >> we don't have much furniture. we have a couch. table. and a chair. this is our kitchen. >>reporter: this is how he lives in his sonoma county house. >> minimalism is not stuff that takes up physical space but the people we surround ourselves with. information we subject ourselves to and emotional baggage. >>reporter: record provide entertainment. book replace gadget. simple toy spark a child imagination. jesse is applying this to his business as well. at new tea shop he's 0opening just sell a handful of tea with customers fewer choice
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to declutter their lives. joshua and ryan are excited about the huge response. as the minimalist movement grows they hope others will find happiness from letting go of stuff. >> so if we could get one message out there. really convey one message to everyone that comes to our event. we really want to leave this behind. to love people and use things. the opposite never works. >> i wanted in decluttering your life. ryan and joshua gave us ideas on how to get started. check out the 7 things to minimize your life on 7 we can't wait to see how viewers do and carolyn i'm trying to declutter my life for 7 days. >> your desk looks really good. >> i think so. hangers. why did i have martini glasses on my desk. clearly not used. and today i paired down the lip stick that i carry in my make up bag to the one i'm using tonight and you may not think that's a big deal but on my face back or twitter account to how many i was carrying around
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it's pairing it down and it's good. >> interesting. we'll keep track of this and keep following. >> bit of mystery in tahoe. this tiny bear cub was left on the door step of the bear league. organization that helps protect bears. the cub weighs just 5.4 pounds. only about 10 weeks old. she will be released into the wild once old enough to take care of herself. she's adorable isn't she. let's get another check on the forecast now from sandy. >> she is akoshl carolyn and the weather is looking terrific for this weekend. so if you have out door plans and easter egg hunt for your kids include those plans, weather is warmer and brighter. we see quite a bit of cloud cover right now. light showers around ukiah but nothing has been measuring all afternoon and evening long. from our exploratorium camera at san francisco financial district no clouds to worry about as far as low clouds there. 54 in san francisco. 58 in oakland. temperatures in the upper 50's around san jose. 54 in half moon bay.
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emeryville camera eastern span of the bay bridge there and fog is not a problem. it's comfort a&m able still. really comfortable. 61 in santa rosa. napa 56 degrees. livermore 57 degrees and sutro tower cam are looking at san francisco here's a look at the forecast partly to mostly cloudy overnight tonight. clearing and breezy tomorrow afternoon and it's going to be sunny and warmer on easter. just in time for all the plans. here's satellite. cold front through the pacific northwest. northern californi california. brought us cooler weather today. our cooling continues inland as we head in friday but then we start to see some changes for the second half of your weekend so do look for the cloud cover. breezy tomorrow the afternoon and we will see just a few high clouds passing through the bay area mostly sunny is what we call it. few patchy clouds right along the coast line. that cold front will produce some snow showers in the sierra nevada. southern sierra not expecting a lot. but just enough to remind people that even though it's spring, we
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could still see snow showers tomorrow morning. mid 40's to low 50's before you head out the door. bundle up the kids it's on the cool side with all the cloud cover around and then for your friday afternoon, most areas in the 60's and 70's. these temperatures inland, though, a little bit lower than today. we had upper 70's. 74 in concord. vallejo 72. santa rosa 75 livermore places like oakland, san mateo, santa cruz upper 60's. 58 in half man bay and once again it's a little bit on the breezy side for your friday afternoon as you check out the accu-weather 7 day forecast, notice all the changes that are coming. so tomorrow, saturday, upper 50's to mid 70's. sunday, sun is out, going to sunrise services, in the morning a little bit on the crisp side but for the afternoon looking beautiful. sunshine. low 60's to low 80's and those easter egg hunt should be just fine. cooler weather on monday leading up to monday night shower chance really the best possibility of seeing the showers will be on
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kykkykp and then temperatures recover. we go back to dry wednesday and thursday. carolyn i have been monitoring the computer models all week long and the possibility of showers looks like 30 percent rate now. so it's not looking very good. and hovering around 20 or 30 percent. >> right. >>reporter: for the time period but we get showers in april. we have to wait and see. >> it would be nice if we did. thank you. larry is off tonight. collin is filling in. he's live from the shark tank. what a big game for the sharks tonight collin? >> high scoring affair. the sharks said all week the way to get revenge for last year play off loss to the kings was to beat them this year. they didn't just beat them in game one. they beat them up with a budget can be a real bear. gn that's why they've got lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards.
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>> welcome back. tonight the sharks made l.a. goalie quick look slow. early offensive on slot and then they had to hold on for dear life. this is a good one. playing with a full and mostly healthy roster authority on and the sharks took it to the kings early and often. burns around net. put joe in front. knocked in. play off goal. mike brown smack noose quick. tackle brown to the ice. here comes the cavalry. barrage of penalty ensue. time rung out in the first period. tom to james quick block it but hurdle there for the first play off goal. 2 nothing san jose. 44 seconds later. shark on a break. patrick marlow give and go. the score. 3 nothing sharks after one. second period edwards hits the pipe but torrez the defrevx. he beat quick. bring it on.
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power play 3 minutes left in the second. the wrist. kings made it interesting with 3 in the third but san jose, they hold on to take game one 6-3. >> just a weird night. like i say we have 10 goals in 7 games and we got fortunate with a couple of the goals but just a weird night. >> first day i thought about we can't let up because they will come back and they did. and we got to be ready for game 2. we had 2 great periods. third one wasn't that great. we'll be ready for sunday. >>reporter: still to come. one thing you can in the call dodgers outfielder is boring. giants. they go for a series sweep. of their rival from the south.
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>> welcome back. the giants took the first 2 games of the 3 game set with the dodgers by one run each. another one run affair this afternoon at at&t park. beautiful day for baseball. madison on the hill for the giantsment 2nd inning dodgers up one nothing. take the good with this guy. this is bad. the pop up. oops. brandon hicks. oh, man. brandon bell forced out at 22n 22nd. but this isn't good. to right. over the shoulder catch in the fifth district attorney out of the league and gonzales single to rate and turner 64 s from third. giants rally in the 9th. drop in left in front of scott. they score 2-1 dodgers. 2 on for crawford. but he would fly out to left. giants lose this one 2-1. they
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did 2 2 out of 3 in the series. a's had the day off. this is 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. sharks, kings, game 2. well that's going to be sunday but first tell you about the warriors and the clippers. saturday game one you can see it on abc 7 at 12:30. this is abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> all right carolyn thanks so much. >> and stay with us.
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. >> here's a look at the wake up weather. partly to mostly cloudy start to the friday. on the cool side. bundle up when you leaf home. lisa is here and we begin at 4:30 and
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continue until 7:00 a.m. >> all right sandhya thanks. >> we have been talking minimalism are you in expired to give it a try? on our facebook page heidi wrote we have been decluttering for the past few years. it's refreshing. weight lifted when you do. karen says love peopl people. use things. rob wrote no thanks i like having lots of stuff. robin says if you have a two-car garage and can't park a car in it time to declutter. storing items you never use in a storage unit, it's time to did he clutter. tell us what you think on our facebook page or twitter and just remember to use the hash tag declutter. >> i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for watching everyone. abc 7 news continues now on line, on twitter, facebook and all the mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. for sandhya, and dan ashley thanks for watching our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning. right now on jimmy kimmel, behind the
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jimmy kimmel, behind the scandal >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! behind the scandalabra! tonight, jimmy's on the set of "scandal" with shonda rimes and kerry robinson, guillermo,000 diaz, kenny lowes, jeff perry, bellamy young, scott foley, and much more! and now, here is jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hello, gladiators, i'm jimmy kimmel. and tonight i will take you behind the scandalabra here at olivia pope and associates where people go to get things fixed.


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